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Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts


Research Team

Francesca Casadio

PhD, Co-Director

Francesca Casadio joined the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) in July 2003 as the Museum's first A. W. Mellon Senior Conservation Scientist. At the AIC, she founded the scientific research laboratory and has been in charge of planning and carrying out scientific research on the collection. Her background is in Chemistry. 

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Aggelos Katsaggelos

PhD, Co-Director

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Joseph Cummings Professor


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Erik Luijten

PhD, Faculty Director

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and (by courtesy) Chemistry, Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, and Physics & Astronomy

Associate Dean, McCormick School of Engineering

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Marc Vermeulen

PhD, Research Associate

Marc Vermeulen works as a research associate within the external project program of NU-ACCESS. Prior to joining the Center, Marc obtained his PhD in chemistry from the University of Antwerp (2017), during which he studied arsenic sulfide pigments degradation in a wide variety of historical objects.

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Alicia McGeachy

PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow 

Alicia McGeachy completed her PhD in Chemistry at Northwestern University (with Franz Geiger and the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology) where she applied nonlinear optical spectroscopy towards understanding and quantifying the interactions between model systems and nano-scale materials. In her most recent work, she takes a multi-analytical approach to understand the production methods of 18th -century English and 19th-century American ceramics.

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Henry Chopp

Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Henry Chopp is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science PhD student in the Image and Video Processing Lab at Northwestern University. He received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering also at Northwestern University. His research interests are in compressed sensing and data fusion using machine learning techniques.

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Olivia Dill

Graduate Student, Art History (co-supervised with Claudia Swan)

Olivia Dill is a PhD student in art history at Northwestern University. She received her BA in Art History and Physics from the University of California, Berkeley. Before coming to Northwestern, she worked to establish, build, and run daily operations for a project using confocal microscopy to image, playback, and digitize the audio on several thousand archival wax cylinders.


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Bingjie Xu

Graduate Student, Computer Science

Bingjie Xu is a Computer Science PhD student working in the Computational Photography Lab at Northwestern University. She received her bachelor's degree in Remote Sensing from Beihang University. During her bachelor studies, she spent six months at the Technical University of Munich, studying Artificial Intelligence and Electrical Engineering.

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Chia-Kai Yeh

Graduate Student, Computer Science (co-supervised with Oliver Cossairt)

Chia-Kai Yeh is a PhD student in the EECS Department working in the Computational Photography Lab at Northwestern University. He received his bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Chang Gung University in Taiwan, after which he worked in the computational camera industry. His current research interests include light field and reflectance field acquisition, and appearance measurement and modeling.

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Kathleen Dewan

Undergraduate Student

Natalia Wang

Undergraduate Student, Art History and Chemistry

Natalia is an undergraduate student at Northwestern University studying art history and chemistry. Her current research involves metal soap formation in oil-based paint films.

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