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Our Staff

William Kung

PhD, Senior Director of Operations and Strategic Planning

William Kung received his BS in physics from California Institute of Technology and PhD in physics from the University of Pennsylvania on soft matter theory.  Trained as a theorist, William has studied the formation of various non-closed packed structures in colloidal crystals, investigated new scaling regime for topologically constrained polymers via field-theoretic renormalization group calculations... Read more >>

Lara Ghisleni

PhD, Project Coordinator

Lara Ghisleni obtained a PhD in anthroplogy from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Her dissertation was entitled “Shifting Ground: Rethinking Concepts of Continuity and Change in Late Iron Age and Early Roman Landscapes of Southern England.” This research engaged with intercultural contact, culture change, and the intersubjectivity of social process, exploring how movement through the spatial and temporal parameters of the landscape articulates socio-economic relations. Read more >>

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