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Our Team

Bringing innovation to the study of the arts

Our Team

Francesca Casadio

PhD, Co-Director

Francesca Casadio joined the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) in July 2003 as the Museum's first A. W. Mellon Senior Conservation Scientist. At the AIC, she founded the scientific research laboratory and has been in charge of planning and carrying out scientific research on the collection. Her background is in Chemistry. 

Marc S. Walton

PhD, Co-Director

Marc Walton joined the Northwestern University / Art Institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts in 2013 as its inaugural Senior Scientist and as a Research Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University. Walton's background is in archaeological science, art history, and conservation science.  

Lindsay Oakley

PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Lindsay brings her background in material science to the Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts. Her research interests include using combinations of experimental and computational techniques to understand degradation phenomena in a variety of material systems for the purpose of determining how the museum environment or treatment could impact object stability and longevity. 

Gianluca Pastorelli

PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Gianluca Pastorelli brings his background in natural sciences and in conservation science to the Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts. 

Emeline Pouyet

PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Emeline Pouyet completed her PhD studies in 2015 at the ID21 beamline at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France. She received her MS degree in Archeometry in 2010 with a project focused on the study of ancient glassmaking processes. Read more >>

Victoria Cooley

Graduate Student, Materials Science and Engineering

Victoria is a PhD student in Materials Science & Engineering at Northwestern University. Her research interests include combining microscopic hyperspectral measurements with super-resolution imaging techniques for materials characterization. She received her BS in Chemistry with a minor African Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2017. 

Olivia Dill

Graduate Student, Art History (co-supervised with Claudia Swan)

Olivia is a first year PhD student in art history at Northwestern University. She received her BA in Art History and Physics from the University of California, Berkeley. Before coming to Northwestern, she worked to establish, build, and run daily operations for a project using confocal microscopy to image, playback, and digitize the audio on several thousand archival wax cylinders. Read more >>

Danielle Duggins

Graduate Student, Materials Science and Engineering

Danielle is a PhD student in Materials Science & Engineering at Northwestern and joined the Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts in August 2017. Her research is focused on coupling optical coherence tomography and hyperspectral measurements for the identification of paint pigments. Read more >>

Neda Rohani

Graduate Student, Computer Science (co-supervised with Aggelos Katsaeggelos)

Neda received her bachelor's and master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from Sharif University of Iran. Her research interests remain in machine learning, computer vision, and bioinformatics.

Chia-Kai (Kai) Yeh

Graduate Student, Computer Science (co-supervised with Oliver Cossairt)

Chia-Kai Yeh is a PhD student in the EECS Department working in the Computational Photography Lab at Northwestern University. He received his bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Chang Gung University in Taiwan, after which he worked in the computational camera industry. Read more >>

Agnese Babini

Visiting Graduate Student, Conservation Science, University of Bologna

Agnese Babini is a graduate student in Science for Conservation from the University of Bologna. She received her BS in Technologies for Conservation of Cultural Heritage from the University of Bologna with a thesis on the proposal of analytical protocols for the authentication of works of art and cultural materials. Read more >>

Joshua Roan

Undergraduate Student, Materials Science and Engineering

Josh Roan is a sophomore majoring in Materials Science and Engineering from Frederick, Maryland. He has been a member of the Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts team since October 2017. He is currently involved in research focused on single pixel image reconstruction and has developed code in MATLAB to operate a digital micro-mirror device and reconstruct images based on arrays of single intensity values.

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